Bouquet Styles


Bridal Bouqet Styles


This style of bouquet is fully wired with a round full posy top and a wide blunt trail forming a teardrop. Formal flowers such as roses and orchids are appropriate with this design as the flowers are confined within the teardrop shape and foliage such as green camellia leaves are used around the outside and as a backing.

Suggested flowers: Roses, cymbidium orchids, tulips or lillies as feature flowers surrounded by smaller flowers such as singapore orchids, and lissianthus.

Compatible dress style: A traditional long gown with a full skirt and/or train.

Small Medium Large
35cm length 45cm length 55cm length

Long Trailing or Cascading

This style of bouquet is very similar to the teardrop however is generally more cascading and less formal in style with flowers such as orchids, ivy or fern trailing down. It can be quite full and bushy.

Suggested flowers: Roses, cymbidium orchids, peonies, tulips or lillies as feature flowers surrounded by smaller flowers like miniature roses, singapore orchids, jasmine, hyacinths, freesias, trailing ivy, berries, dodda vine and lisianthus.

Compatible dress style: A traditional gown with a full skirt and sweeping train that trails like the flowers. A narrower cascading trail bouquet is also good with a straight gown as it helps create the illusion of slimmer hips.

Small Medium Large
40cm long 50cm long 60cm long

Posy clustered (formal) or loose (informal)

This design is round in shape from the front view and softly rounded from the side view. The formal effect is generally created by using the one variety of flowers such as roses or tulips to give an even effect, although you can mix other flowers such as sweet pea freesia or lissianthus to give a spring, natural feel. To create a more informal style foilage is usually added throughout the flowers to give a looser, more unstructed style. With this design the posy usually has foliage, such as camellia leaves or ivy berry foilage around the outer.

Suggested flowers: Open roses, tulips, lissianthus, David Austin roses, freesia, chincherinchee. peonies, sweet peas, hyacinths, jonquils, bouvardia and berries (privet or peppercorn)

Compatible dress style: This style of bouquet looks best with a gown that has a long skirt or A-line. The posy can either be held with both hands or with one hand at your side. Either way it is best to hold it low to show off your gown.

Small Medium Large
20cm diameter 25cm diameter 30cm diameter

Arm Sheath (hand spray)

This is one of the most versatile designs as it can be held in many different ways. The arm sheaf looks natural and elegant for any bride because it can be held in an upward position across the forearm with the top blooms falling over the elbow and the stems held in the bride's hand. Or alternatively, this bouquet can be held on an angle cascading down the gown or like a teardrop form the hips. The stems end together and the flowers need to be long and cascading, sometimes graduated. Foliage can be dramatic and vines can trail from the bouquet.

Suggested flowers: Anything long stemmed and structured like roses, lillies, orchids, tulips, and antheriums.

Dress style: A long straight, slimline or fitted dress works well with this design.

Small Medium Large
35cm length 40cm length 45cm length

Modern Designer

This style of bouquet is usually dramatic, often containing exotic blooms, unusual foliage, berries, seedpods, vine, willow, fruit or crystals and beads. It is usually unstructured in design.

Suggested flowers: Lotus pods, lillies, antherium, cymbidium orchids, calla lilies, cordolyne leaves, dodda vine, Singapore or phaelonopsis orchids.

Compatible dress style: A long straight or fitted dress works well with this design.

Small Medium Large
37cm length 42cm length 55cm length


The groom, fathers, groomsmen and close family friends wear a flower to complement the wedding theme. All buttonholes come with a camellia leaf and pearl pin for attaching to the lapel.

Corsages - shoulder, wrist, bag

Mother and close family relatives and friends traditionally wear flowers of miniature rose buds and singapore orchids pinned to their dress, clutch bag or look stunning attached to the wrist.   Corsages can also be made with a magnet to attach to the fabric which will avoid damaging delicate dress fabrics.


Basket can be filled with rose petals to scatter along the aisle or can be filled with an arrangement of flowers to match your bridal theme,  A basket is most suitable for a flowergirl.

Flower Ball

This design can be made to any size and looks gorgeous for a flowergirl. The ball of flowers can be made with a combination of blooms to match either the bridal or bridesmaids bouquets.

Hair Flowers

Flowers can be individually wired  or made onto a comb, or hair band to complement the bouquets. A wired circlet of fresh blooms is also suitable for a flowergirl